What was I thinking?

I am prepping for my very first fitness competition, during the holidays.  Crazy, I know!  I’m not exactly sure that I fully thought this through when I boldly proclaimed my plans to my husband and co-workers 7 weeks ago.  But now I’m committed… or maybe I should just be committed.

So, here’s the backstory.  A few months ago, I planned to compete in my first sprint triathlon.  As an avid runner, I was stoked to challenge myself with this new-to-me sport.  I even convinced a friend, a recreational runner, to train with me.  4 weeks into training I broke my foot.  At first I tried to train through it, but quickly realized that the pain and possible long term damage outweighed my desire to TRI.  Luckily, my training buddy did complete the race and is officially addicted, so now I don’t feel too bad about dragging her into it.

With my foot still injured, running is out of the question and I have had to limit or modify most cardio activities for months.  But just as depression was about to set in I found a promo card for an upcoming fitness expo and fitness competition sitting on my desk as if it had fallen from heaven.  Of course, since I manage a gym, I find fitness related promotions on my desk all the time, but I decided that this was a sign.

I’ve considered competing in the past, but was deterred by the extremely low body fat percentage required and the “exposure” of the barely there bikinis.  When I saw that this local competition is promoting sustainable fitness and requires a body fat percentage of 15%-18%, I was IN!  It surely doesn’t hurt that the attire is shorts, a sports bra top and tennis shoes.  No clear 6″ heels for these ugly, broken runner’s feet, woohoo!

So, I am currently 7 weeks into training with 4 weeks till competition day and man-oh-man have I made plenty of mistakes already, but I’ve also learned a lot.  Here are a few of my recent epiphanies…

Lesson 1 – Training for performance is completely different than training for looks.

Lesson 2 – Math-ing Macros Sucks.

Lesson 3 – Checking yourself out in the gym mirror is sometimes OK.

Lesson 4 – The only time I want chocolate pie is when I can’t have it.

I will elaborate more on these in future posts.  I’ll also catch you up to speed on what I’ve been doing these last few weeks to transform my body.

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way intended as a guide to competing in fitness competitions.  Heck, I haven’t even made it to competition yet, and this isn’t even a “real” fitness competition!  I’m sharing this experience because I’ve been able to change my body in ways that even surprised me and I’m hoping that my successes will be your successes and my trials will be your triumphs. I hope you’ll keep reading as I blunder my way through this process and attempt to ward off the holiday treats.

And don’t worry, I’ll be posting lots of non-competition related stuff.  This native Louisiana girl can’t go without great food, competition or no competition, so I’ll share lots of my super yummy, super clean winter recipes, and anything else that seems blog worthy.

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you again soon!

BTW, the picture on the left was taken in week 4 of prep for my competition application.  The picture on the right was taken in week 6.  What a difference 2 weeks can make!





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