Competition Prep Week 3 & 4


Weeks 1 and 2 were a bit of a roller coaster… a little progress then a major backslide.  After reworking my meal plans (bye bye chicken!) and upping the frequency and intensity of my workouts, I was able to make up for lost ground.  Yay!!!

Here’s the skinny(er)…

Week 2   11/14    Wt. 132.2    BF% 21.4     BF lbs 28    Waist  28.75″   Hips   35″    Thigh(s) 21.25″

Week 3    11/21    Wt. 129.8   BF% 19.2    BF lbs 25    Waist 27.5″    Hips   34.5″  Thigh(s) 20.75″

Week 4    11/28    Wt. 130   BF% 18.6   BF lbs 24.5    Waist 27.5″    Hips   34.25″  Thigh(s) 20.5″

In case you were wondering where these measurements were coming from…

I measure my waist at my belly button and my hips at my hip bones rather than my butt.

Body Fat % (BF%) and Body Fat in pounds (BF lbs) are measured with a handheld Omron Fat Analyzer Scale.  These things are far from accurate, so while I am probably around 2% less BF than recorded, the analyzer is consistently inaccurate.  In other words, it is great for recording changes in my body, but my goals have to be based on what I see in the mirror more than the numbers on that thing.  I encourage my clients to do the same.

My goal is to be between 15-16% BF and keep my weight in the high 120’s, which I’m hoping to maintain long past the competition.  After all, this is a “sustainable” fitness competition.


I changed the way I workout…

Typically I do whatever workout or activity is available, swimming in the summer, running in the spring and fall.  Or my training and class schedule dictates my workouts,  lots of Zumba and Spin classes cause a leaner physique, more strength training, more muscularity. (Warning: shameless plug) I love the 30 minute HIIT Boot Camps that I lead now, it’s a perfect mix of cardio and strength.

BUT NOW, I’M IN TRAINING… Even though this is a far cry from a pro competition, it’s a personal challenge to better myself.  My fitness and nutrition have become habitual. I haven’t actually had to work at eating well or being active in a long time, which is awesome.  But putting myself through the same steps I walk my clients through as they “train” to reach weight loss and health goals mk.

What does my training look like?  Weeks 1 & 2 I did my best to, again, do what the pros do, with a 6 day plan, isolating 2 or 3 major muscle groups 5 days a week and separate cardio sessions/days.  Much like the original meal plan, that just didn’t work for me.  Most of the time I’m at the gym, I am also at work…when I can jump into a group session, I’m distracted by clients that need instruction.  It’s not their fault, I just can’t help myself.  When I’m there alone, I’m distracted by maintenance projects, cleaning, paperwork, etc.  Same goes for trying to work out at home, I know you can relate.

So I created a plan that works for me and uses many of the principles I use to help my clients lose fat and build muscle.  3 Days a week I do a total body strength session with cardio intervals, focusing more on lower body in sessions 1 & 3 and  upper body in session 2.  I can almost always get away for a few hours on Mondays and Saturdays, then I have the flexibility to get in the second session on Wednesday or Thursday and still have time to recover before the next workout.  Twice a week, I jump in on a 30 minute HIIT session where I focus on killing my cardio and can still help clients with form on the strength portions.

I’m feeling and seeing results.  And now, with even more conviction, I can show my clients that they too can can get results with a plan that fits their lifestyle.  While I might get better or faster results following the tried and true methods of the pros, I’m not competing in a pro show and I have a life to lead.

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