Competition Prep Weeks 5-7

After quite a bit of fat loss in my first few weeks of prep, I’m now focusing on muscle building and a slow, steady fat loss.  I have a little bit of loose skin that I want to tighten up before show day, so I don’t want to lose too much too fast.


Week 4    11/28    Wt. 130   BF% 18.6   BF lbs 24.5    Waist 27.5″    Hips   34.25″  Thigh(s) 20.5″

Week 5    12/5    Wt. 129.2  BF% 18.6   BF lbs  24     Waist 27″        Hips  34″    Thigh(s) 20.5″

Week 6    12/12  Wt. 129.4  BF% 18.7  BF lbs 24.5    Waist 27″       Hips 34″      Thigh(s)  20.5″

Week 7   12/19  Wt. 129.4  BF% 18.3  BF lbs 23.5   Waist 26.75″   Hips 33.5″   Thigh(s) 20.75″

I’ve been really happy with my vegetarian MEAL PLAN.  It goes something like this…

Breakfast – 2 Hardboiled Eggs, Salad-mixed greens, tomato, cucumber,  olive oil &  balsamic  vinegar, 1/2 Sweet potato

Snack – TLS Vanilla Protein Shake with Chia Seeds and unsweetened almond milk or 1 Green Apple & Almonds

Lunch – Homemade Soup (Check Out the Recipes Page for examples), Salad-  mixed Greens, tomato, cucumber,  cup walnuts,  olive oil,  red wine vinegar & roasted veggies.

Snack – Protein Shake (see above) or Smoothie (See Recipes) or Green Apple & Almonds

Dinner – Pretty much the same as Lunch.

When I stick to this plan, I feel great! Every day is a bit different, depending on my workouts, sleep, stress, etc., but I’ve gotten pretty good at listening to my body.  When I need more protein, a serving of Almond Butter or a hard boiled egg added to my afternoon snack does the trick.  When I need carbs, I add 1/2 banana or 1/2 sweet potato.

There have been some challenges…

Challenge #1 – staying on schedule with meals… Some days breakfast happens at 4am and some days at 7am.  Sometimes dinner is at 5pm and sometimes 8pm.  It’s certainly not ideal, but at least I’m getting enough of the right foods, I think.  I have slacked on logging my foods and tracking my macros 😦 I know from practice that I’m not too far off my target, but there definitely needs to be more intentionality as I get closer to competition day.

Challenge #2 – Finding time to Meal Prep… There were a few skipped meals and I felt it! hulk through wall.jpg “Don’t make me Hangry.  You wouldn’t like me when I’m Hangry.”


Challenge #3 – the motivation is fading.  Not mine, but my husbands.  For the first month of this challenge he was 100% on board, encouraging me, being mindful of  what he brought home from the grocery and getting out of my way in the kitchen.  The last few weeks he has had less discipline.  One night I came home to a delivery pizza (my favorite splurge), another night he made his (now famous) chocolate pie and there are 4 bags of cookies currently in my pantry!!!  It hasn’t been easy, but for the most part I have managed to avoid the temptations.

Workouts have been great!  I’ve been lifting heavier and focusing mostly on shoulders, lats and glutes.  I have an athletic build (a.k.a the curves of a 14 year old boy), so I’m trying to bulk up my shoulders and hip area while slimming my waist.  I’ve avoided all oblique exercises since mine tend to be naturally more pronounced, and limited core work to a few sets of crunches on the stability ball at the end of my workouts.  And despite limiting my core work I now have a six pack… all day long!

*** Note- Based on my ab definition and comparison pics, I’m pretty sure that I’m at about 16% BF rather than the 18% measured on the Omron Body Fat Analyzer.  My goal is to be at 15% on show day, so I’m right on track!***

Comparison Pics Week 2 & Week 6 (not the most flattering pics, but definitely showing some progress)

File_000 (43).jpeg  File_001 (12).jpeg  File_000 (44).jpeg

At 4 weeks till Show Day, I’m feeling pretty good, but we’re not there yet… I still have to get through Christmas!

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