Christmas and Competition Prep

Surprise, surprise… I maintained over the holidays!  I had braced myself for the effects of traveling, large family meals and sporadic workouts.  I even avoided weighing in and had mentally prepared myself for some damage control in the following weeks, but my numbers were almost exactly the same pre and post holiday.

Week 7   12/19  Wt. 129.4  BF% 18.3  BF lbs 23.5   Waist 26.75″   Hips 33.5″   Thigh(s) 20.75″


Week 9    1/4    Wt. 129.6  BF% 18.1   BF lbs  23.5     Waist 26.75″  Hips  33.5″    Thigh(s) 20.75″

Although it was impossible to stick to my meal plan, I did stick to my macros and avoided most of the holiday indulgences.

I also got in some great workouts.  I still have access to a 24hr gym that I used to train at back home and since it’s the holidays, I had the place to myself most mornings.  At 5am on Christmas morning, it was just me and Arnold 🙂


I attribute my holiday success (Yes!  Maintaining over the holidays is an accomplishment) to being prepared, focused and as relaxed as possible.  Packing travel meals to stay on schedule and avoid typical road food, being smart about my choices during family meals, limiting the wine and staying regular with my workouts, kept me on track and sane!

Trainer Tip*** When traveling, plan your workouts!  Find a youtube video or downloadable workout that you can do in a hotel gym or find a local gym.  Most gyms offer low cost or free trials.  Scheduling workouts while you’re on the road not only keeps you moving but helps you stay mindful of your food choices.


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