Finishing Touches

The last two weeks leading up to the competition were definitely the toughest.  Not because my diet was restricted or I changed my workouts, but because I manage a gym…and it’s January!


This was also the time that I had to learn new things that are difficult for me.  Make-up, hair, spray tan, nails, outfit.  EEEEKKK!!!  For many of you, this is the fun stuff, for me, it’s a nightmare.  I had more anxiety about learning how to apply bronzer than 10 weeks of meal planning and workouts.

Luckily, I had some awesome people come through for me, and I managed to pull it all together, on a shoestring budget.

2 Weeks Out-

I started focusing on the health of my skin.  Moisturizing, exfoliating, and other big words not in my regular vocabulary.  I even had a facial! I highly recommend finding an aesthetician that works with your skin rather than offering generic services or packages.  I learned a lot about my skin and I can tell the difference.

I scheduled my spray tan, scheduled a consult with one of my clients who happens to be a makeup artist and started shopping for my outfit.

For a typical competition, you would order your bikini weeks, even months in advance, but this competition required typical workout gear.  Of course, I didn’t take into account how hard it would be to find “booty shorts” in January.  Thank God for Amazon Prime!

1 Week Out-

Posing Practice!!! AHHHH!  With very little direction from the competition organizers on what they expected in the way of posing, this was definitely nerve racking.  I had been practicing basic poses for weeks, but it was time to put it together.  I watched countless hours of youtube videos and decided what I liked and didn’t like about other competitors routines, then I put it together in a way that felt most natural to me.

The makeup consult was awesome!  My client/makeup artist works at the Bobby Brown counter at Macy’s.  She totally hooked me up with samples of the products I would probably never use again and showed me how to use the products I did purchase for stage and everyday.  She saved me a ton of money, time and stress.  I am eternally in her debt.

I opted for a store bought manicure.  $7 for 2 sets of glue on nails was right up my ally!  The few times that I have gotten a salon manicure, I’ve totally destroyed it within 48 hrs.  Being able to pop the acrylic nails on and off was a great option for me.  I’m actually kind of hooked on them now.  I bought an extra set for an upcoming wedding.

I naired my everything!  Legs, arms, stomach, face, etc.  I’ve never used nair before and I have mixed feelings about it.  It did a pretty good job of removing the hair but also gave me a rash.  Luckily, the rash was only on my hips, weird.  Thank goodness that area was covered by my shorts and I had nearly a week for my skin to heal, which it did.

After a few trial runs, I decided to go with a really natural hair style.  My hair is very sensitive to humidity and doesn’t hold curls well, so a good blow dry and some large hot rollers did the trick.  I used a finishing spray to avoid flyaways but let my curls fall how they may.

There are a lot of suggestions on “peak week” workouts.  I decided on a typical heavy lift workout on Monday, and HIIT workouts on Tuesday & Thursday.  I felt like this kept my muscles full and my metabolism high.  I didn’t change my diet or water intake at all during the week.

1 Day Out-

Work was so insane that I hadn’t had much rest or downtime, but I also hadn’t had much time to be nervous.  Then I got my spray tan.  As the day wore on and the tan got darker, it got real.  I had a glass of wine with dinner to draw up my skin and calm my nerves.  Here goes nothing…



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