The Big Day!

Competition day!  As if I wasn’t already a bit of a basket case the morning of the competition, I had to work.  Yep, training and consults from 7:30am-11am on a Saturday.  January in the gym, ‘nough said…

Other than being totally overwhelmed and pressed for time, I actually felt pretty good.  My morning weigh in was exactly where I wanted to be, my tan looked good and my energy level was high (I’m sure adrenaline had nothing to do with that!).

I’m so glad that I had spent the last few weeks practicing, not just my posing, but my hair and makeup.  In less than 2 hours I had rinsed my tan (as directed), had my outfit on, hair and makeup done and bag packed.  I thew on a lightweight zippered hoodie and loose sweat pants and was out the door with time to spare.  Woohoo!

BTW, I packed my bag with my registration paperwork, a resistance band, make up, a change of clothes and hairspray.


There was a quick competitors meeting before the competition.  Typically these meetings are held the day before, but again, this was not a typical competition.  Then it was time to go.

So How Did I Do???


I WON!!! Kind of… Like I said, not a typical fitness competition.  With very few competitors and an effort to be different from typical physique shows, men and women were judged together and judging was based on a sustainable physique, posing and a mission statement (it’s a good thing I don’t mind public speaking).  I took 2nd place!!! Just behind the guy on the left who happens to be a 14 time competitor and has gone pro.  He’s in his off season, but still…look at those lats!

I was by far the oldest of the competitors and the only one with zero competition experience, so I’m totally happy with the results.

This was a fun experience, and if another show like this one comes up, I’m in.  But I may never do a “real” competition.  I know that I could push my body to the next level, I’m just not ready for the financial commitment that comes from competing at a pro level.  And as much as I like the way my body looks and feels, I miss running!  This was a great winter challenge, but I am so ready for race season 🙂

This year I want to run a 10-12 mile obstacle race, a half marathon and complete a sprint triathlon in the fall.  Thanks for following me through this journey, now it’s time to hit the trails.


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