Protein Unpacked – Part 1

Just this past week, I've gotten lots of questions about protein.  "Which protein shake should I buy?", "Whey or plant based?", "How do I get more protein in my diet?". With all of the "high protein" diets out there, and the thousands of protein shakes in every grocery store, it's easy to see why everyone is … Continue reading Protein Unpacked – Part 1


Rest Day

It may seem a little strange that my first "fitness" post is about taking a rest day... But so many of my clients claim that stress and lack of time is their biggest health and fitness obstacle.  I spend much of my consulting time, encouraging them to focus on their physical and emotional health so … Continue reading Rest Day

Meal Prep 101

Meal prepping is something many of my clients struggle with.  Even I've only become proficient at meal prep over this last year.  It was hard to wrap my head around cooking for multiple meals and multiple days at one time.  It seemed daunting and time consuming, but little by little I've developed habits and tricks … Continue reading Meal Prep 101

The Big Day!

Competition day!  As if I wasn't already a bit of a basket case the morning of the competition, I had to work.  Yep, training and consults from 7:30am-11am on a Saturday.  January in the gym, 'nough said... Other than being totally overwhelmed and pressed for time, I actually felt pretty good.  My morning weigh in … Continue reading The Big Day!

Finishing Touches

The last two weeks leading up to the competition were definitely the toughest.  Not because my diet was restricted or I changed my workouts, but because I manage a gym...and it's January!   This was also the time that I had to learn new things that are difficult for me.  Make-up, hair, spray tan, nails, … Continue reading Finishing Touches

Christmas and Competition Prep

Surprise, surprise... I maintained over the holidays!  I had braced myself for the effects of traveling, large family meals and sporadic workouts.  I even avoided weighing in and had mentally prepared myself for some damage control in the following weeks, but my numbers were almost exactly the same pre and post holiday. Week 7   12/19 … Continue reading Christmas and Competition Prep

All Smoothies are Green Smoothies

I love smoothies!  There is no better "fast food", especially for breakfast.  There's only one problem...they tend to be mostly fruit and therefore, LOT OF SUGAR and carbs! Luckily, there is an easy fix.  To avoid spikes in the blood sugar (which causes the body to store fat) make sure that every meal, including breakfast … Continue reading All Smoothies are Green Smoothies