Rest Day

It may seem a little strange that my first "fitness" post is about taking a rest day... But so many of my clients claim that stress and lack of time is their biggest health and fitness obstacle.  I spend much of my consulting time, encouraging them to focus on their physical and emotional health so … Continue reading Rest Day


Competition Prep Weeks 5-7

After quite a bit of fat loss in my first few weeks of prep, I'm now focusing on muscle building and a slow, steady fat loss.  I have a little bit of loose skin that I want to tighten up before show day, so I don't want to lose too much too fast. PROGRESS Week … Continue reading Competition Prep Weeks 5-7

Competition Prep Week 3 & 4

A LOOKBACK AT WEEKS 3 & 4 OF COMPETITION PREP Weeks 1 and 2 were a bit of a roller coaster... a little progress then a major backslide.  After reworking my meal plans (bye bye chicken!) and upping the frequency and intensity of my workouts, I was able to make up for lost ground.  Yay!!! … Continue reading Competition Prep Week 3 & 4

What was I thinking?

I am prepping for my very first fitness competition, during the holidays.  Crazy, I know!  I'm not exactly sure that I fully thought this through when I boldly proclaimed my plans to my husband and co-workers 7 weeks ago.  But now I'm committed... or maybe I should just be committed. So, here's the backstory.  A … Continue reading What was I thinking?