Rest Day

It may seem a little strange that my first "fitness" post is about taking a rest day... But so many of my clients claim that stress and lack of time is their biggest health and fitness obstacle.  I spend much of my consulting time, encouraging them to focus on their physical and emotional health so … Continue reading Rest Day


The Big Day!

Competition day!  As if I wasn't already a bit of a basket case the morning of the competition, I had to work.  Yep, training and consults from 7:30am-11am on a Saturday.  January in the gym, 'nough said... Other than being totally overwhelmed and pressed for time, I actually felt pretty good.  My morning weigh in … Continue reading The Big Day!

Finishing Touches

The last two weeks leading up to the competition were definitely the toughest.  Not because my diet was restricted or I changed my workouts, but because I manage a gym...and it's January!   This was also the time that I had to learn new things that are difficult for me.  Make-up, hair, spray tan, nails, … Continue reading Finishing Touches

Christmas and Competition Prep

Surprise, surprise... I maintained over the holidays!  I had braced myself for the effects of traveling, large family meals and sporadic workouts.  I even avoided weighing in and had mentally prepared myself for some damage control in the following weeks, but my numbers were almost exactly the same pre and post holiday. Week 7   12/19 … Continue reading Christmas and Competition Prep

Competition Prep Weeks 5-7

After quite a bit of fat loss in my first few weeks of prep, I'm now focusing on muscle building and a slow, steady fat loss.  I have a little bit of loose skin that I want to tighten up before show day, so I don't want to lose too much too fast. PROGRESS Week … Continue reading Competition Prep Weeks 5-7

Competition Prep Week 3 & 4

A LOOKBACK AT WEEKS 3 & 4 OF COMPETITION PREP Weeks 1 and 2 were a bit of a roller coaster... a little progress then a major backslide.  After reworking my meal plans (bye bye chicken!) and upping the frequency and intensity of my workouts, I was able to make up for lost ground.  Yay!!! … Continue reading Competition Prep Week 3 & 4

Meat is murder…on my digestive tract.

A LOOK BACK ON COMPETITION PREP.  WEEK 1 & 2. For the last 4-ish years I've been mostly vegetarian.  I cook and order vegetarian meals 98.2% of the time, but I'm not about to turn down a bite of my father's venison sausage or turn my nose up at a meat based meal that has … Continue reading Meat is murder…on my digestive tract.