Minimalist Nutrition. Minimal living for Maximum life.

I've tweaked my diet, again. Many years ago I eliminated gluten and dairy.  A few years ago, I eliminated most animal products.  On very rare occasions, bread, cheese or chicken, would sneak onto my plate, but I was "mostly" a gluten free, pescetarian.  So I still ate a lot of eggs and some seafood, but … Continue reading Minimalist Nutrition. Minimal living for Maximum life.


Veg Out With This Easy Summer Snack

"Mom, I'm hungry", "Mom, I'm bored", "Mom, there's nothing to eat", "Mom, can I have ice cream, cookies, chips, __________, etc.". Ahhhh, the familiar sounds of summer.  As a working mom, even I could be tempted to stock the pantry with quick packaged snacks that the kids can grab themselves or can be unwrapped and served … Continue reading Veg Out With This Easy Summer Snack

Super Spring Salads

Say "Bye-Bye" to boring salads and "Hello!" to these three protein packed salads that you can make in advance and enjoy all week long. Join my Email List to get a downloadable version of these recipes and more!  

Protein Unpacked – Part 1

Just this past week, I've gotten lots of questions about protein.  "Which protein shake should I buy?", "Whey or plant based?", "How do I get more protein in my diet?". With all of the "high protein" diets out there, and the thousands of protein shakes in every grocery store, it's easy to see why everyone is … Continue reading Protein Unpacked – Part 1

All Smoothies are Green Smoothies

I love smoothies!  There is no better "fast food", especially for breakfast.  There's only one problem...they tend to be mostly fruit and therefore, LOT OF SUGAR and carbs! Luckily, there is an easy fix.  To avoid spikes in the blood sugar (which causes the body to store fat) make sure that every meal, including breakfast … Continue reading All Smoothies are Green Smoothies

Meat is murder…on my digestive tract.

A LOOK BACK ON COMPETITION PREP.  WEEK 1 & 2. For the last 4-ish years I've been mostly vegetarian.  I cook and order vegetarian meals 98.2% of the time, but I'm not about to turn down a bite of my father's venison sausage or turn my nose up at a meat based meal that has … Continue reading Meat is murder…on my digestive tract.